xUnit import of skipped testcases

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xUnit import of skipped testcases

Postby mhoe » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:31 pm


i'd like to use the Polarion xUnitFileImport job for import of test results of third party test tool via xUnit XML file. The xml is already used for import to Jenkins buildserver and now i want to import it additionally to Polarion.

The file contains the list of executed testcases. If no <failed> or <error> node exists below the testcase, it is interpreted as passed. So far, so good.

Sometimes some testcases are not executed in the testing tool due to a failed precondition. For example the first testcase verifies the installation of a new software what fails. Then the second testcase, that verifies the login, does not make sense and so it is skipped. In the xUnit xml the second testcase then is marked with the <skipped> node. But Polarion import ignores the <skipped> node and sets the testcase to passed what is wrong in this case. The expected behaviour would be that the testcase would only be planned in the new created Testrun but has no result.
In comparison to Jenkins, Jenkins knows the the <skipped> node and marks the testcase appropriate.

What can i do to get a testcase imported to a testrun without result? How must such an xUnit xml look like?

Thanks in advance

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