I am not able to get custom workitem value from SDK.

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I am not able to get custom workitem value from SDK.

Postby robertmauger » Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:08 pm

I have looked through forums, found similar problem:


The solution doesn't seem to work for me.


String[] fields = { "id", "hyperlinks","status","created", "author", "updated", "customFields.functionalArea","resolution","severity","type","categories","title" ,"project"};

WorkItem[] wkItem = trackerService.queryWorkItems(
"project.id:" + this.prop.getProperty("project_id_polarion") + "AND author.id:polarionsystem", "id",

for (WorkItem item : wkItem) {
// ** Using workitem class **
// I have tried with multiple custom fields
// gives me [Lcom.polarion.alm.ws.client.types.tracker.Custom;@48793bef

// ** Using trackerService class **
String[] getKeys = trackerService.getCustomFieldKeys( item.getUri());
// Gives me all keys for custom fields

CustomField getValues = trackerService.getCustomField( item.getUri(),"functionalArea");
// gives me [com.polarion.alm.ws.client.types.tracker.Custom@11157faa]



Sorry if I am missing something obvious here

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