C Sharp retrieve Comment Text

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C Sharp retrieve Comment Text

Postby loder2 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:12 pm


i am trying to get the comments out of the WorkItem i retrieve from the Webservice via C Sharp.
The thing is that i can get the comments but not the content of the text field. I am able to get the id, author and uri but the rest of the fields is just NULL. Can somebody please show me how to get the content of the comments?
I retrieved the workitems with and without keys explicetly declared. Maybe there is a way via the uri? Or a key different than "comment"?

Thanks for any help

My Debug output of the Workitem Comments array:
+ author {net.seabay.polarion.Tracker.User} net.seabay.polarion.Tracker.User
+ authorField {net.seabay.polarion.Tracker.User} net.seabay.polarion.Tracker.User
childCommentURIs {string[0]} string[]
childCommentURIsField {string[0]} string[]
+ created {14.06.2017 12:49:18} System.DateTime
+ createdField {14.06.2017 12:49:18} System.DateTime
createdFieldSpecified true bool
createdSpecified true bool
id "1" string
idField "1" string
parentCommentURI null string
parentCommentURIField null string
text null net.seabay.polarion.Tracker.Text
textField null net.seabay.polarion.Tracker.Text
title null string
titleField null string
unresolvable false bool
unresolvableField false bool
unresolvableFieldSpecified true bool
unresolvableSpecified true bool
uri "subterra:data-service:objects:/default/VORLAGE${Comment}{WorkItem}VORL-16799#1" string
uriField "subterra:data-service:objects:/default/VORLAGE${Comment}{WorkItem}VORL-16799#1" string
visibleTo null string[]
visibleToField null string[]

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