First impressions and suggestions

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First impressions and suggestions

Postby marrs » Wed Feb 15, 2006 2:52 pm

I've just installed Polarion (using Jetty, which is configured behind an Apache2 webserver, using the Proxy directive). It was quite easy to install and it works well. A couple of suggestions:

Please support multiple repositories from a single web application. Installing a separate copy for each repository is workable, but a lot of work if repositories are added and removed regularly.

Add an option to log in to the repository using your own account, instead of hardcoding a single account in the web.xml. That way you can do commits under your own account and you can add anonymous read-only access if that is configured in SVN.

Remove all absolute links and complete URL's from the application. I have configured the application using Apache2 as a proxy, so the web application itself thinks it's at (for example) http://localhost:8080/svnweb/ whilst the real URL is http://myserver/svnweb/. At the moment for some operations I get the "localhost URL" which means they don't work.

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Postby ivinnykov » Mon Feb 20, 2006 6:18 pm

Dear marrs,

Thank you for valuable feedback. We already covered things, which you requested and we pleased that our team and SVN Web Client users looks to the same direction.

1. We already extended functionality in order to support multiple repositories with same parent path. This feature is available in recent nightly builds. So you can download latest nightly build from the Builds section of Polarion and evaluate it. See readme.txt for details how to configurate it.
We also think about support repositories with different paths, but plan to include it later

2. Here is some misunderstanding regarding the purpose of account information defined in web.xml. You need to put account info to web.xml only for internal usage such as caching and other activities. Sure that each user should define own credentials in order to access SVN resources.
As defined in web.xml comments: "ACCOUNT SETTINGS. WebClient use Subversion this account for internal purposes only such as data caching, etc. So define admin account with fill rights here. WebClient users must enter their own Subversion credentials on login page to access repository through WebClient."
But you raised another interesting question - mixing anonymous read-only access and not-anonymous full access. Now it is not possible, so we will take your request into account.

3. Good catch! It must be fixed ASAP. It will be very helpful if you provide information about operations, which fail.

Thank you for cooperation!
Best regards,
Igor Vinnykov
Polarion Team

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