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Feature request; wordwrap

Postby Laurens » Sat Mar 25, 2006 1:26 pm

Dear Polarion Team,

Thanks to nxt, I recently discovered the power of version control, more specific Subversion.

I work as company jurist for a large health insurance company in the Netherlands. Along with two collegues I also maintain the redaction and composition of legislation in the field of social security and health insurance.

I noticed that version control systems are mainly used for software development, to effectively collaborate on the source code. But I also found version control very usefull in collaborating on large documents such as laws and other legislation so I keep our documents in a svn repository at home.

Thanks to the Polarion SVN Web Client we can now access the repository from our office computers (our company maintains a very tight security policy, only http access to the WAN is possible).

As we work with large portions/blocks of text, it would be very helpfull if the SVN Web Client provides a wordwrap function for displaying the documents in the repo. I hereby would like to request such a feature.

Laurens Blanckenborg

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