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Postby robertneher » Thu May 18, 2006 7:58 am

The Polarion development team is proud to announce the first public release of FastTrack.

FastTrack is a version control based Issue/Task/Requirement tracking tool deeply integrated into the Eclipse IDE. It is built on top of the Subversive project (Eclipse client for Subversion).

Please visit the project home page: ... =fasttrack
or to get more details about our other community projects.

After careful consideration, we decided to introduce FastTrack with version number 0.9 for the first public release. The Polarion team is anxious to gather feedback to ensure meeting the needs and wishes of the community in this version. We plan to define requirements for version 1.0 mainly based on user feedback.

Please, write us your ideas using forums and mailing lists linked from the project home page: ... =fasttrack

About FastTrack
FastTrack provides project work planning and tracking deeply integrated into the Eclipse IDE and its concepts. No server setup or administration is involved.

A Subversion repository is used as a standard platform for sharing data between team members. Both teams and individual developers can benefit from this unified approach where work items are represented
by XML files and stored in the versioning repository together with all other artifacts. For more details, see main architecture concepts.

Main features
  • Work Item (Task, Issue, Change request, Defect, Idea, Requirement, ...) tracking and planning
  • Customizable Work Item types
  • Linking of Work Items with each other to create relationships such as dependency, etc.
  • Linking of Work Items with other Eclipse managed artifacts in workspace
  • Linking repository revisions to Work Items (traceability)
  • Searching Work Items using standard Eclipse search facility
  • History of Work Items
  • Comparing different historical revisions of a Work Item
  • Shared and private predefined queries supporting the development process
  • Advanced Commit dialog supporting Commit Policies. The innovative commit dialog strongly supports common developer
    tasks like linking commits to Work Items, optionally tracking spent time etc. Pre-commit policy checking of the code
    being committed follows defined guidelines, e.g. the code should be compilable. All this in one dialog.
  • Ability to operate as Polarion client providing offline capability for distributed requirement and change request management

FastTrack is available for free and is not open sourced. We don't plan to change this policy for version 1.0 and above for current feature set.

System Requirements
FastTrack 0.9 requires JDK 1.4 or JDK 1.5 and Eclipse 3.1.x.

Robert Neher
Polarion Software
+49 (711) 489 9969-0

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Isn't it 3.2.x compliant

Postby tuomas_kiviaho » Fri May 19, 2006 7:22 am

System requirement states Eclipse 3.1.x and I'm certainly having problems with 3.2.x version of Eclipse.

Is it just me not being able to follow installation instructions or is 3.2 not (yet) supported?

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Postby zachara » Wed May 24, 2006 8:32 am


we are sorry but initial FastTrack release 0.9.0 requires Eclipse SDK 3.1.*.

The future version would support Eclipse 3.2.
Best regards,
Andrej Zachar
Polarion Team

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