Does this configuration work?

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Does this configuration work?

Postby arc.dvi » Tue May 16, 2006 9:46 am


we would like to use the SVNWebClient but would like to validate that it will work.

We're running IBM Websphere Application Server 5.1 on AIX and Subversion runs under Apache/Windows 2003. Apache is configured to use SSPI to validate the USERID + PASSWORD against the ActiveDirectory domain. Using Subversive or Subclipse, we provide the AD userid/password and everything works fine.

The repositories are accessible through URL like http://subversion/svn/repository_name

I have installed the SVNWebClient in a WAS 5.1 inside RAD I can bring the login page up. I also changed web.xml to say BasicAuth = false and provide the "path" to the SVN repositories.

Unfortunately I can't get beyond the login page. Everytime I enter my (valid) userid/password the login page is redisplayed.

I have downloaded the latest version from the web site. Is there any newer version to be downloaded and if yes, where can I find it?

Many thanks in advance for your precious help.

Alex Weirig

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