Moving a local repository to a production shared server.

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Moving a local repository to a production shared server.

Postby PaulK » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:02 am

There is a requirement to move a local repository which was created using a trial licence to a new production shared server.
We have been unable to find a guide which covers this process from start to finish. The following process appears to work successfully in a test environment.
1. Downloaded TortoiseSVN to carry out the repository transfer
2. Export the repository from the local server
a) Using TortoiseSVN repository browser, log in to the local Polarion repository
b) Navigate to the project folder to export
c) Right click on the project folder and use export to copy
3. Import the repository into the production environment
a) Change the URL to the production URL in TortoiseSVN
b) Navigate to where the project should be imported
c) Select Add Folder
4. Mark the project
a) Log in to Polarion as the Administrator
b) Ensure all users assigned to the project in the local Polarion environment have been created in the Production Polarion Environment
c) Select Global Adminsitration
d) Select Mark as project
e) Navigate to the repository location copied into the production polarion repository.

Is there anything missed in the above workflow or do you see any problems using this method?

Many thanks,

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