WebClent Login problem

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WebClent Login problem

Postby venkat_polarian » Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:35 am

We have integrated Jira and Subversion to view the changes made to the SVN repo's in Jira. The change set from jira can be viewed either using Web Client for SVN / Fisheye / ViewVC. From the available options we opted Web Client for SVN and installed the Web client for SVN following the read me file provided by "svnwebclient-3.1.0.zip".And jira has been configured to show the change set using WebClent.

The problem is when clicked on the change set URL in jira, the SVN Web client is asking for the credentials to login (but the login credentials are provided in the web.XML provided by svnwebclient.war). If the credentials are provided able to see the change set .

Is it possible to see the change set without providing the credentials, in the sense that when clicked on change set URL should be able to login to web client automatically??

Appreciated if solution provided.


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