Svn update cache freezing

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Svn update cache freezing

Postby Aldebaran » Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:38 am

Hi all,

I'm using Mac OS X 1.5.4 with jdk 1.6, eclipse ganymede (3.4 RC) and subversive version ? (I can't check it right now, but it has been installed 3weeks ago with lastest available version).
This is the second time this problem happens. The first time I had to re-check out all my project, but I can't do it right now. Here's the problem's description :

Eclipse crashed this morning. After having relaunched it, I select my workspace and then eclipse begin to freeze for about 2-3min. Then I eventually se my workspace. Since then, I have 2 running tasks at 0% (no progression at all) : Updating svn cache and Initilizing java tooling. If I try to use my workspace, Eclipse freeze and then I'm dead (need to force-quit, and re-launch). If I wait, nothing happens.
Last time, I tried some things : After I deleted manually the svn info in the .metadata folder, all where good but my projects weren't detected as svn projects anymore (nevertheless, nothing where wrong while using svn by the command line). So, I assume that this is an svn problem. Furthermore, all my other workspaces are running great.

Help would be greatly appreciate.
Thanks !

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