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Ubuntu v Windoze blooz - protocol problem??

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:18 am
by Asterion
While waiting for our IT department to set up an SVNSERV based repository I set a tempory one up on my machine.

I downloaded the "Subversion Pro 1.0.0" bundle and installed on my machine.

Command Line: svnserve -d -r c:\data\repository

Downloaded the Fast Track 1.1.0 plugin and hooked the Fast Track Plugin into the JBoss IDE 2.0.0. Beta 2. SVN Client set to "Subversive Default".

My machine is running Windoze XP Professional Version 2002 with Service Pack 2.

Running the IDE against jre1.5.0_01.

Ran fine.

IT caught up. Building LINUX/SVN machine based on Ubuntu 7.04 and Subversion 1.4.3.

Command line: /usr/bin/svnserve -d -r /var/svn


I can "see" the repository but get failure messages in the IDE when commiting directories.

Various errors reported.

"Directory Creation Failed" reporting despite directory turning up in repository. File commits also report failing despite files turning up in repository. Advanced error message reports "Malformed Network Data".


Need I have IT back down to SVN 1.3.0?

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:48 pm
by Stepan Roh
Please try to use Native JavaHL Client in Subversive. Maybe it will help. Or try to ask on, forum specifically for Subversive. Thank you.