Feature request: Viewing early revisions

J S Green
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Feature request: Viewing early revisions

Postby J S Green » Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:55 am

Instead of moving a file in Eclipse, I copied it to a new location in my file system (Windows) and then deleted the original. After refreshing Eclipse, I committed these changes.

Now the resource history is broken - if I ask for the resource history of my file, it stops at the point that I made the "copy".

My use case is as follows: I want to view the revisions before the break.

I worked out a way to do this:

(1) "Show Resource History" to get the revision where I broke the chain.

(2) In the SVN Repository Exploring view, right-click on "REVISION", choose "Select Revision..." and find one revision earlier than this. In this revision I can see the file in its original location, and do another "Show Resource History" which shows the earlier changes.

Here is my problem: I am now at revision 2658 and the break happened at revision 1184. If I right-click on "REVISIONS", I cannot type in '1183', I must either "Show Next 25" (and do this more than 30 times) or "Show All". Both these options are very slow.

Is it possible to type in the number of the revision that I want to look at?

Thanks for a great piece of software!

Alexander Gurov
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Postby Alexander Gurov » Tue Nov 21, 2006 11:57 am

Dear J S Green,

First of all thank you for your tip. It will be very useful and I posted corresponding task to our tracker:


Also I want to inform you, that you are able to copy resource without loss of history. To do this you should use "Team->Copy To..." menu item in the pop-up menu opened by right-clicking over the selected resource in workspace tree.
Best regards,
Alexander Gurov
Subversive Team

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