Checkout in subdirectory of an existing project

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Postby Jas » Tue Sep 11, 2007 7:30 pm

I am new joinee to this list of Subversion/Subeclipse users and I have the same issue. As I come from the CVS background, the CVS module with in another cvs module on the local working copy works fine. But it is an issue with the Subversion/Subversive plugin. Even if I am able to checkout the folder in another folder (already under SVN control) using the option of Checkout in to the existing project, It does not let me browse the history for the inner folder. It only shows the HEAD and the log for that.

Alexei Goncharov
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Postby Alexei Goncharov » Fri Nov 02, 2007 4:10 pm

Dear community.

From 1.1.9 build Subversive provides a probability to check-out projects as a folder into non-shared projects and non-versioned folders of a shared project.

But you should notice that none SVN actions provided by plug-in would be available if you check-out into unshared project.

If you perform checking-out to an non-versioned folders of a shared project such folders are added to version control.

Please enjoy.
Best regards, Alexei Goncharov.

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I still don't get it

Postby paramthegreat » Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:37 am

I am not sure I still understand the reason behind not having SVN functions if the parent project/folder is not associated with subversion.

I have 3 project that are in subversion with the following layout in svn://xxx/

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|   +---folder_01
|   \---folder_02

|   +---folder_03
|   \---folder_04

|   +---folder_05
|   \---folder_06

My eclipse project needs to be in the following structure, because proj_a, proj_b and proj_c have interdependencies at the moment. There are plans in near future to refactor the 3 projects to remove interdependencies, thats why they have been created as 3 seperate projects in subversion (atleast thats what i've been told). So my eclipse layout looks like:

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         +---proj_a [contains -> svn://xxx/proj_a/trunk]
         +---proj_b [contains -> svn://xxx/proj_b/trunk]
         \---proj_c [contains -> svn://xxx/proj_c/trunk]

I want to be able to use the plugin to checkout projects from svn into the above structure and still be able to have complete access to all the svn functions even if my_project (or parent folder) is not associated with svn.

Also, in cases of projects already checked out from SVN, there should be a simpler mechanism of tagging the project so that Subversive would read the folder structure, determine the presence of valid .svn/ folder & files and provide SVN support in those folders. This is what I would consider part of basic subversion support.

Netbeans has this kind of subversion support seamlessly built-in. I am not ready to move from eclipse simply for the lack of proper subversion support (kinda getting around it using command line or TortoiseSVN) but this would be a great thing to have.

Thanks and sorry for the length post!

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