Command Framework + CheckoutOperation

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Command Framework + CheckoutOperation

Postby McGuinness » Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:06 am


We use Subversive and we want to automate a couple of very common tasks. We want to Check out and Check in directly from an action in a view we have created in a plugin.

I have read "Subversive Architecture Overview" and the source code of "".

I'm trying to use CheckoutOperation and CommitOperation to do something like this:

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public class AutoChekoutAction extends AbstractRepositoryModifyWorkspaceAction {
   public void runImpl(IAction action) {
      IActionOperation op = new CheckoutOperation(???, false, null, true);
      if (op != null) {

What is the Hashmap parameter "checkoutMap"? Could anybody give me a couple of tips to implement it? Isn't there more advanced information than the architecture overview document?

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