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Merging different repository locations

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 3:10 pm
by dob

I've two physically different repository locations where one acts like a personal branch since I don't have write access to the main trunk repository.

Then I try to merge changes from the main repo to my personal one, subversive won't do this and state an "locations do not correspond" error.

However the SVN commandline client, Tortoise and even Subclipse allow this. According to the SVN Book, merge is to be understood as "diff and apply" there it shouldn't matter which URL is used to diff. Why is this disabled in Subversive or is it possible to enable merging of arbitrary URL locations in Subversive?

thanks and regards,


Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:59 am
by dob
Hmm, no comments to this!?

Is there nobody out there who want's to do the same thing with subversive? Or is the question just that stupid?

What I'm basiclly looking for is the equivalent to:

svn merge -c M url://in/repositaryA/trunk/fileFoo.cpp /path/to/workingcopy/from/repositoryB/trunk/fileFoo.cpp

When I try this with the subversive merge command it won't let me select a repository url different from the one the working copy originaly is. If I try to force the url by pasting it, it spits out an error message and all controls are blocked.

This obviously is by design, but I don't understand why, since it is completely legal and logical to merge from different repositories since all merge is doing is to diff to get the changes in the first one and apply them to the second one.

Does anyone know if it's possible and how to get subversive to work this way.