Branching behaviour should be changed

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Branching behaviour should be changed

Postby mwiles » Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:05 am

What is the thinking behind defaulting the branch operation to use the WORKING revision?

The following command is executed when the branch is requested...

svn copy "D:/usr/work/neweclipsework/HaroldCom" "" -r WORKING -m "branching to save the changes"

The problem with using the WORKING revision is that the first version on the branch is now the changed version.

So then you can't merge back effectively because when merging back you want to specify a start revision number and an end revision number between which any changes will be merged.

If the first version on the branch already has the changes then how do you tell subversive what version to start merging from (it merges changed after the specified revision number). If you provide that revision number, you don't get the changes that were checked in when you started the branch (they're on that revision number) and if you try to specify a version before it complains because that version is not on the branch, rightly so, it isn't.

I would like to see the branch operation to not use the WORKING revision but to rather use the HEAD. Then let me checkin the changes.
Alternatively, use the HEAD but then automatically commit the outgoing changes onto the branch.
Maybe there could be an option added to allow for WORKING or HEAD revisions when branching.

Subclipse does not use the WORKING revision when branching and nor does CVS plugins. Is there some reason for the behaviour like it is? Is there some way I can change it?

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