Bug: Repository host name with underscore

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Bug: Repository host name with underscore

Postby tuomas_kiviaho » Mon May 29, 2006 9:11 am

1.0.0.RC2 doesn't allow underscore in repository host name, but 1.0.0MS12 did. For a successful reconnection with another host name without .svn metainfo loss you will need an older version.

Tested with Eclipse 3.2RC5.

Workaround: Disable 1.0.0RC2. If you aren't able to start Eclipse, then find platform.xml from under eclipse configuration and manually edit the file. Restart. Enable 1.0.0MS12 applying the changes. From repository view vhange root url(s) host name that have underscore in host name to (an alias pointing to the same) IP. Re-enable 1.0.0RC2.

Workspace project with repository host name containing underscore seems to jam eclipse build process when starting up. Disabling of the plugin and enabling without restart let me continue using Subversive. This seems to happen in MS12 as well. Protocol in use is svn+ssh with private key authentication. Replacing the host name with one that doesn't contain underscore cured this problem as well.

PS. I see that an ASP .NET fix has emerged. Didn't that have something to do with having underscore instead of dot as file prefix. Could that change in source code cause all the trouble I had.

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Postby ivinnykov » Wed Jun 07, 2006 2:06 pm

Dear tuomas_kiviaho,

It doesn't work, because in 1.0.0 RC1 we introduced the code, which checks the validity of host names. Host name with underscore considered as invalid, so we disabled it in 1.0.0 RC1.

Seems that such validation is strict, so have created task "SBV-1943 - Subversive doesn't allow underscore in repository host name. Add ability to support". It should become a part of the next build.
Best regards,
Igor Vinnykov
Polarion Team

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