externals and svn_load_dirs from subversive

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externals and svn_load_dirs from subversive

Postby AlmostAutomated » Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:03 pm

I'm pretty new to svn and have setup a local repository using externals to manage my binary vendor code and svn_load_dirs for source. Is there an easier way to manage vendor branches than going over to tortoise or using terminal? If so could you provide where I could look for clues on how to do this?

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externals and svn_load_dirs from subversive

Postby ldornbusch » Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:42 am

what problems do you want to solve? In which way do you want to have it easier?

I think svn_load_dirs.pl does a pretty good job.

Lutz Dornbusch

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Postby AlmostAutomated » Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:20 pm

There is only one real problem I'd like to solve and that is having a vendor branch and having log history available; without being connected to the vendors repository. The only way I see that as happenning would be to dump from there's and load into a local vendor repository then setup an external in the main local repository. Not all that friendly of a solution but it would get the job done I think. I haven't tried it yet and it still requires the CLI.

I'm not against using the command line, it just seems to me that with more and more individuals using open source projects and then customizing for there own personal release that there must be more and more people looking for solutions to managing and tracking those activities. With Eclipse becoming such a 'wide' platform for virtually any type development and with so many groups extending it to specific uses (myEclipse, Collabnet Desktop, etc) that a simplier method of manager a vendors code base and the modiications made to it would be a major benefit to users.

Vendor branches, for example, could be as simple as going to the repository browser, adding a new remote repository, then right clicking on the branch, tag, or trunk and going to a 'vendor dialog'. There you could add a new vendor branch (much like adding a project structure now), or update a current vendor branch.

It seems simpler to have that built in rather than either everyone doing it manually at the command line, or everyone writing there own scripts to automate it.

svn_load_dirs.pl does do a good job; I just think it could be easier for those that don't want to script there own...

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