Erroneous directory comparison in "SVN Repository Explo

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Erroneous directory comparison in "SVN Repository Explo

Postby bluejohn » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:44 pm

Eclipse 3.2.2
Subversive 1.1.7
JavaSVN 1.1.3 client
SVN Repository accessible via HTTPS

Unfortunately, I'm relegated to using the JavaSVN client because,
according to this thread , it's the only
client that supports server-side directory comparisons.

My problem occurs when I'm trying to compare 2 different branches of
the same codebase. Here's what I'm doing - please tell me if I'm
doing something wrong:

1) Switch to SVN Repository Exploring perspective
2) Use ctrl+click to select 2 different branches to compare
3) Right-click one of the selected branches and select "Compare..."
4) Subversive will build a Structure Compare list of differences.

The list of differences in 4) has a lot of "ghost" differences.
Files are listed as being different even though they are not. When
I try to compare these branches using the command line client, I only
get the actual differences.

How does subversive calculate the differences between 2 directories
on the repository? Is this a problem in JavaSVN? If so, is there a
better client to use to perform the equivalent of

svn diff https://repo/path1 https://repo/path2


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