"Premature end of file" error when using some clie

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"Premature end of file" error when using some clie

Postby dmondark » Fri May 18, 2007 1:59 am


When I use the SVNKit client or the Subclipse default JAVA SVN client I I get an error connecting to any repository (screenshot linked below). When I switch to Native JavaHL, everything works ok.


Now when right clicking on the errors and selecting details->Advanced, I get the following:

PROPFIND request failed on '/wordpress'
Processing PROPFIND request response failed: Premature end of file. (/wordpress)

The versions (Clean installations):

PDT: 0.7 RC3
Subversive: 1.1.2
JAVA SVN: 1.0.4
Native JavaHL: 1.4.3

Any idea why is this happening??

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