Rename/Update Problem

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Rename/Update Problem

Postby ChrisP » Wed Apr 18, 2007 2:17 pm


we've a problem when refactoring files, especially in changing cases.
We use Subversive 1.1/Eclipse 3.2.1 on Windows XP.

Here's the usecase to perform:
1. Rename a file on the server (upper to lower-case or vice versa)
2. Update your Eclipse workspace with Team | Synchronize: two changes are shown (first the removal of the old file, second the addition of the new file) > perform Update on these changes as one operation
3. Try Team | Synchronize and the older file on your Workspace will be shown as "new" and commitable, although it has been updated correctly

Nothing happens when try to perform Replace with ... | Latest from Repository or Team | Override and Update ... only Team | Switch will solve this problem.

Performing "two-step-update" (first "Update" the removal, second "Update" the addition) is a workaround to avoid this misbehaviour.

The same usecacase was successfully performed with TortoiseSVN:
First the old file was deleted, then the new file was added.

I assume that subversive do that in wrong order or doesn't correctly update the svn metadata.

Is that a known bug? Hope you will fix it soon. :-)


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