Existing Project subfolders / files thought to be new

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Existing Project subfolders / files thought to be new

Postby PeteTh » Wed Mar 21, 2007 11:22 am

I was using Subclipse but wanted to move to Subversive, but I'm immediatley getting problems with existing projects

I'm using :
http://www.polarion.org/projects/subver ... date-site/
MyEclipse Version: 5.5.0 Milestone 1 (Eclipse 3.2.1)
Also have
TortoiseSVN 1.4.1, Build 7992 - 32 Bit , 2006/11/11 09:34:39
Subversion 1.4.2,

I disabled the Subclipse plugin, but no projects appeared to be shared even though they have the .SVN files. So I tried Team-->Share after setting up repository locations, but still no luck it seemed to want to share as new project showing adding of all files.

So I tried changing Preferences of Subversive and trying the other SVN Client options. It's now a little better...

Now I can get it to recognise the existing project when I team share and root of the project has the annotation with the correct version, but all subfolders and file are thought to be new i.e. when I Team-Synchronize or look at annotation ?

I have tried deleting project and re-importing, then sharing, and all 3 SVN Client options now seem to give the same result i.e all subfolders/files thought to be new.

Any help much appreciated.

Alexander Gurov
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Postby Alexander Gurov » Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:46 am

Dear PeteTh,

The default Subversive client does not work with the SVN 1.4 working copies. In order to solve the problem please first install 1.4 compatible clients (SVN Kit 1.1.1 and/or Native JavaHL 1.4.3) from the subversive update site (if optional clients is not installed). Then please go to "Window->Preferences->Team->SVN->SVN Client" and select the client which you preffer.

Another one problem can happen if you do not disconnected your projects before disabling Subclipse, in that case projects still connected to Subclipse and Subversive cannot operate with them. If this is you case please enable Subclipse plug-in, then do Team->Disconnect action. After last step is done you will be able to share your projects with the Subversive plug-in.
Best regards,
Alexander Gurov
Subversive Team

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