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FAQ: Subversive 1.0.0 M7 exception in Share Project

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 11:35 am
by ivinnykov
In the Subversive build 1.0.0 M7 Share Project operation problem was found. This operation sometimes fails with NullPointerException. This problem will be fixed in the build 1.0.0 M8, which will be released 17th of March 2006.

There are no registered SVN locations, so Create New Location dialog is executed from Share Project wizard.

You should register SVN location before Share Project operation:
1. Open SVN Repository Exploring view and create new SVN location (click on New Repository Location button in the toolbar or select New > Repository Location... in popup menu).
2. Perform Share Project operation. In Share Project wizard select SVN location, which you created at step 1.