Adjusting the code for my needs

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Adjusting the code for my needs

Postby adamf » Tue Jan 17, 2006 3:35 pm

Dear All,

Just as I was about to build my own web app using JavaSvn.....

A) Given the apache licence, I take it it's OK for me to change the code to fit my needs a little?

B) Which classes would I need to edit to carry out the following:

We have some models in an XML Format (XMI & HL7 MIF) They are stored in a Subversion repository & because they are XML models there is no way we can allow the modellors to try & do merges so the files are locked - edited - commited - unlocked.

i) As the rendering of these files into something usefull such as a readable view (i.e. into XHTML or SVG) uses XSLT we are looking to do this in a browser based environment based on tomcat/jsp.

ii) This is partly driven by the number of people who forget to commit & unlock thus leaving lots of locked files which then annoys other so:

1) I need to be able to offer the users a browser based UI for browsing a svn repo.
2) When they click on a file it must return the file (or a URL to it which can then be used to go get the file) which is then fed into a servlet which applies the relevant XSLT scripts to render if for display.
3) It needs to detect if the file is locked such that the render xslt can be set to the read only view & the users can be given a warning.
4) If the file is unlocked then it needs to lock the file.
5) The User does his edits
6) The user clicks save & the code needs to commit the changed file back & to unlock the file

What I think I have to do is to edit the fileContent.jsp such that it puts the file into the context & then passes it off to the relevant servlet.

Is there anything in the Polarion code to do locking & unlocking or is that a matter of using the javaSVN code?


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Postby dobisekm » Tue Jan 24, 2006 8:44 am

Hi Adam,

ad A) To answer your questions regarding the Apache license, please have alook at, which is the most competent source for such an info. But please note, that not all content of SVNWebClient is licensed by Apache LIcense 2.0 - some third party components use another licensing.

In general - if you want to take the stuff and modify it for your own use, then it should be OK with the licenses.

ad B) We don't provide any special support for locking (it migh be actually a good idea to add it).

I hope this helps,

Michal Dobisek
Polarion Team

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