"Your credentials are not correct" in multi repository mode

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"Your credentials are not correct" in multi repository mode

Postby davidfox » Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:56 pm

I've recently installed apache2.2/tomcat4.1/SVNWebClient3.1.0. The apache/tomcat configuration looks fine, and I can access our repositories as long as I run in the degraded single user mode, with the repositoryURL, username, and password for a single repository specified in SVNWebClient's web.xml configuration file.

When I remove the RepositoryURL, username, and password and replace them with ParentRepositoryDirectory instead, I get the fancy login page that requests the repository name (I assume that it gets appended to the ParentRepositoryDirectory value to make the repository URL) but no matter what I enter on that page, I see the "Your credentials are not correct. Please check them and try again" message. The attempt to acess the repository does not even make it as far as contacting the apache server that's fronting the HTTP-style URL for the repository, so this appears to just be the java code that's doing it on its own. I haven't successfully managed to make any useful logging appear in the SVNWebClient.log yet. Can anybody tell me how to do that, by the way?

I see various posts in these forums over the years suggesting that every runs into this "your credentials are not correct" problem, or something similar, but I don't see any clear resolutions. I see that one person posted something saying that they "fixed" the credential manager class (see viewtopic.php?f=6&t=590&start=0&hilit=credentialsmanager) but without details and long enough ago that I have thought that someone would have rolled such a fix into the distributed source by now.

Does anybody actually have this thing working in multi-repository/multi-user mode? And if so, can you tell if you needed to surmount this apparent issue in the credentials handling code, and how you did so?

Thanks a bunch.

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Re: "Your credentials are not correct" in multi repository mode

Postby webguy » Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:26 pm

I have a similar problem, although I think I have narrowed it down to perhaps a version issue. Using svn as the connection method (I don't enable svn over http at present), I can only connect to repositories on a Subversion 1.4 server. If I try to connect to my 1.5 server, I get the connection problems as stated.

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Re: "Your credentials are not correct" in multi repository mode

Postby iburilo » Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:20 pm

Do you have any related info in Apache's log, e.g. access.log, error.log? E.g. if I incorrectly provide username/password I've got something like this in error.log:
user user: authentication failure for "/repos/first": Password Mismatch
user usetr not found: /repos/first.

Please, be sure that you correctly provide repository url: it's constructed by "Parent repository path" + "Repository name". Example: if you see "Parent repository path" as http://localhost/repos and you entered "svn", then resulted url should be http://localhost/repos/svn.

In order to get more info in SVNWebClient's log you can change its logging level from ERROR to DEBUG: please find log4j.properties in ${svnwebclient-dir}/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.properties and change in it ERROR to DEBUG. As a result when next time you provide repository url and credentials on login page, you'll see debug info in SVNWebClient's log.

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