SVN Web client integration

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SVN Web client integration

Postby anbu » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:59 pm

I was able to set up the SVN web client and check all its features. I really liked the tool.
I have to integrate it with a live project and there were a few issues that I seem to be facing

1] Is there a way to perform checkout operation via the web client?
If no, can the client be extended to perform the checkout operation? Any Pointers?
2] Can we create repositories via the web client.


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Re: SVN Web client integration

Postby NickEntin » Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:02 am


I'm afraid that there is "no" to your questions:

- SVNWebClient is not working with your local copies (workspaces), so you can down-/up-load data, but not check-out/-in modifications. You can try to extend this yourselves, but this might lead to big technical difficulties. Anyway, if you're looking for full-feature client, why not to use fat-client?

- No, SVNWebClient provides HTTP access to the repository (the part, which is complaint to WebDAV/DeltaV specification). Administration of repositories is not part of those protocols (i.e. by creation of repository you should select a space on harddisk of your server).

Of course you can write a small servlet, which triggers a batch on the server to create repository, but this really out of scope of SVNWebClient.

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