Config of SVNWebCleint 3.1.0 with Tomcat 6

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Config of SVNWebCleint 3.1.0 with Tomcat 6

Postby » Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:37 am

I'm trying to setup SVNWebClient 3.10 with Tomcat 6 and HTTP 2.2 ( httpd-2.2.3-6.el5 ) under RedHat EL5.
I've donwloaded binary for linux and have it under /usr/java with a symbolic link there to jdk1.6.0_04 ( because that
was what tomcat was looking for ). Tomcat is tomcat-6.0.16-0 I installed from an rpm tomcat-6.0.16-0.noarch.rpm.

When I get everything going I cannot get any services beyond tomcat default page on port 8080.

I do http://<my server here>:8080 and get the tomcat web page, but when I do
http://<my server here>:8080/svnwebclient or anything else I get an error from tomcat 404 - service not available.

I'm sure my configuration is messed up. This is my first attemp to do anything with tomcat - I'me somewhat familiar
with Apache - I'm sure I did the module loads OK.

I'm not getting any errors from httpd or tomcat when I start them up -

but I would like to know if, for instance, someone could clarify the
context.xml settings as given in the basicAuthenticationSettings.txt.

Also, whether I need bot RebpoitoryURL in web.xml and ParentRepositoryDirectory -
I have both, but they are necessariy different.

I have my SVN at /var/svn/repos

Could someone post a working example of %PROJECT_ROOT%/WEB-INF/web.xml? ( and does this refer
to ROOT web.xml or svnwebclient/WEB-INF? Also, an example of servers.xml and contex.xml and
would clarify things. I think I've figured out that is a file which goes under /opt/tomcat/conf, and that
the context stanzas referred to go in a contex.xml file there also ( this is not too clear in the basicAuth document.

What should localhost be? should it be localhost or the actual server host name? Since I want to get to it from host
other thatn localhost, what should it be?

Also, AuthName in my /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file is "Subversion repository" not SVNWebClient - can I have two
realms? What if I want more than one AuthName?

Also, is SVNWebCleint running on port 8080 or 8009? This is not clear to me - in fact,
it is not clear ( there are no examples cited I can find anywhere )

of what the URL to access my repository should be -

Should it be

http://<my server name here>:8009/svn or http://<my server name here>:8080/svnwebclient or just what?

An example of the URL would help.

Please also explain if I did the right thing in commenting out the existing AJP Connector in server.xml and adding
yours ( with the change of className to the appropriate tomcat6 connector).

Your help in these matters is appreciated.
We would truly like to promote the Polarion web client around
here and I am hopefull to have it working soon.

David L. Wade
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Re: Config of SVNWebCleint 3.1.0 with Tomcat 6

Postby » Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:53 pm

I got as far now as displaying the login.jsp. I am unable to authenticate a client, but
at least I now see a Polarian screen. I got to this point by commenting out the following
in the context.xml under the tomcat/conf. If someone knows what I am doing right/or/wrong
with this I would appreciate some help.

Dave Wade

<!-- Add context for SVNWebClient 3.1.0-->
<Context path="/opt/tomcat/conf" reloadable="true"
<Loader className="org.apache.catalina.loader.DevLoader" reloadable="true" debug="1"/>

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