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Code questions

Postby pkleszcz » Thu Sep 07, 2006 1:26 pm

Have question about Yours open source project.

First how to get svn url if had only main url to serwer(for example - http://localhost) and want all url to repository on this serwer. Where can I find it in the code or what guides could You give me.

Second is problem wchith You may solved elier. I had a super user who can look everything in repository. He wants to know if user - john has permission to see the specified file. I had a url to file and user name how can i cheked thas he has permission to that file???


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Postby ivinnykov » Fri Sep 08, 2006 1:07 pm

Dear pkleszcz,

Regarding the first question. It's seems an administrative task, because you should setup repository, assign URL to it and then pass this defined repository URL to the configuration of the WebClient. If you don't define repository URL in settings - WebClient will not work. It also can't detect repository URL having web server root URL. Consider situation when your web server have different web resources, deployed on it and one of such resource is the repository. How we can detect it? Please refer guide tor Apache and SVN setup for detailed information.

Regarding second question. In order to verify you should login as this uesr and try to access a file. Please note that WebClient doesn't include a staff for permissions management, so you can't see what users have what permissions from WebClient.

Please see excellent free SVN book, which will address your questions:
Best regards,
Igor Vinnykov
Polarion Team

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