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Directory Permissions Don't Work

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:30 pm
by david126
Has anyone else had this issue?

For the http:// protocol, I have a per-directory Access Control List. In my ACL file, I have one branch that is rw for group A and no access for group B. This works fine via command line, and when viewing through the standard Apache web interface. However, with the Polarion Web Client I am having issues.

If a user from no access group B goes to the branch level. They see "restricted access" however, if they click on Revision List they can read all the checkin comments that were performed on the restricted branch.

This may be caused by: if someone that has access views that information, the Web Client caches it, then it is available for the user that doesn't have access.

Do I have something not configured right? Please help

I am using the latest Web Client 3.1