Which login/passwd should be used ? (Linux user)

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Which login/passwd should be used ? (Linux user)

Postby dominig » Thu May 18, 2006 9:41 am


I have installed SVN Webclient (2.5.0) on a Linux system (Suse10) which provides tomcat5.

NOTE Tomcat5 default install under Suse10 has two installation bugs for which workaround are described on http://en.opensuse.org/Report_a_Bug#Searching_for_Bugs
(Bug 134572 and 176355)

My snv is accessible from apache at http://localhost/repos. This access works and reponds on a browser request with out any passwd.

The svn command svn log http://localhost/repos is also operational.

BUT I cannot pass the login under SVN Web Client.

I haved tried :

1) Nothing as my SVN repository is not protected.
2) a Valid Unix ID and passwd
3) a Tomcat valid user ID/passwd with a svnwebcient role attached to it.

Nothing has wroked.

Any clue ?



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