How to configure web links at Jira

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How to configure web links at Jira

Postby marocha » Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:36 pm

I've installed webclient for svn and it is running ok.
But we have Jira application integrated with our subversion repositories, so I would like to configure Jira to have links to webclient for SVN tool.
So I need the weblinks for
Changeset Format
File Added format
File Modified format
File Replaced format
File Deleted format

I have following ones, but they do not work (training is my repository name)
change set - http://wdsjira01:82/svnwebclient/revisi ... ning&rev=${rev}
file added - http://wdsjira01:82/svnwebclient/change ... ning&url=${path}&rev=${rev}&action=add
file modified - http://wdsjira01:82/svnwebclient/change ... ning&url=${path}&rev=${rev}&action=modify
file replaced - http://wdsjira01:82/svnwebclient/change ... ning&url=${path}&rev=${rev}&action=replace
file deleted - http://wdsjira01:82/svnwebclient/change ... ning&url=${path}&rev=${rev}&action=delete

Which links I should use?

best regards

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