Polarion Interfaces and Multieedit view

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Polarion Interfaces and Multieedit view

Postby manlaziba » Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:43 am


I am having two issues:
a) Polarion Interfaces
I followed the instruction below, but I can't get Interfaces from the Portal menu. We have ALM licenses.
Is there something wrong in our configuration?

You may need to access an existing Interface to modify roles, or delete the Interface definition.
To access an existing Interfaces:
Open the project or repository where the Interface you want to access is configured and enter Administration.
In the Navigation pane, expand Portal and select Interfaces. The Interfaces page appears and displays a table listing the Interfaces currently existing the scope in which you are working.

b) Multi-edit view from the tree view is not available.
How I can make it appear under the tree view?


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