Multi-repository cached credentials issue

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Multi-repository cached credentials issue

Postby KeithPali » Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:10 am


I've managed to get SVN Web Client running with mutliple repositories currently with BasicAuth=false.

My issue is that I am trying to web link to SVN Web Client from Jira (bug tracking tool).

When I click on the web link in Jira I get the login page for SVN Web Client with the repository set to the information supplied from my hyperlink. I can then enter the username / password credentials and can access the repository without problem.

However, on subsequent access via the same method, the login page no longer appears - as the credentials along with the repository details appear to have been cached from previous login -and I am directed straight into repository by svn web client.

This behaviour is fine with single repository but when I try to access a different repository via the same method (having not closed the browser), the cached repository name from the original login attempt appears to still be used, resulting in the file location not being found.

Is there any way to get SVN Web Client to cache only the credentials and not the repository details when working in multi-repository mode?

Alternatively, when the location being provided is different from that already cached, can the SVN Web Client then prompt for credentials or attempt to login to the location provided with the cached credentials?

Example of hyperlink I am using:

http://localhost:8080/svnwebclient/revi ... repo&rev=${rev}

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Re: Multi-repository cached credentials issue

Postby rarcher » Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:04 am

I too interface with JIRA and have this multiple repository problem.

Is there any work-around? Or will there be a fix in the next release?

Other than this problem, SVN Web Client is a great product. I'm currently evaluating it for my project, and I was about to roll it out when I noticed this problem. So now I'm going to evaluate Sventon as a possible web client. JIRA doesn't come with a pre-canned set of Web Links for Sventon, so I might have some extra work to do there, but it may be able to handle switching between multiple repositories...

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