LDAP Configuration Errors (Bind Problem And Authentication Problem)

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LDAP Configuration Errors (Bind Problem And Authentication Problem)

Postby mustafa_aydin » Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:44 am

We are trying to evaluate a company-wise POC for Polarion 19.1. Installation of Polarion was easy but I can not say the same for LDAP configuration. Our IT team has already integrated several other tools with LDAP in ease, in just recent weeks. However, Polarion is not promising so far. I have searched this forum for ldap and google it also, but no hope.

Problem :
We want our users to use only LDAP credentials to reach Polarion. After many trials, we can not import/see any users from LDAP. (All the configurations done by using Polarion GUI.)

Here are some details:
1) Trial with ERROR Code 1 - 00004DC which asks for successful bind. We have tried some other configurations and some later we did not receive this problem. But as I say, I am not sure where the problem really is.
2) Trial with ERROR Code 49 - Data 52e which implies a authentication problem. But here, the user created in LDAP for polarion is an LDAP admin, so, this should not be a problem.
3) We have done some edits in polarion svn config file.
4) Polarion help pages says "uncomment some apache modules/lines" and we have tried it. Then, apache did not restart.
*After LDAP configration of Polarion, there is no button for "test the connection" so I can not locate the problem properly; if it is a connection level problem or a user authentication problem.

1) Is there a proper log file of Polarion that I can check?
2) Is there a method for proofing Polarion has a proper LDAP connection?
3) Any hints?

  • Polarion 19.1
  • Apache comes with Polarion.
  • WinServer2016.
  • Offline network (No internet).
Best regards, Mustafa.

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Re: LDAP Configuration Errors (Bind Problem And Authentication Problem)

Postby SaoBit » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:28 am

Hello Mustafa,
can you post the LDAP settings (anonymized!)?

Try unsing the global catalog by using port 3268 - even if you don't have a multi domain setting.
And don't use an LDAP admin but a normal user. In most cases they can read the entire directory - your IT guys will know an account.
Did you store the LDAP user password in the polarion.properties:
Try to change the password to one without very special characters.

Just for testing you can uncheck the create and update boxes and click Synchronize.

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Re: LDAP Configuration Errors (Bind Problem And Authentication Problem)

Postby fbachmann » Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:42 pm

Hello Mustafa

for the LDAP binding, you need to set the password in polarion.properties (ldap.bind.password=<your-password>) for the user which is specified using the Polarion GUI (see attached screenshot, the "Bind DN" parameter).
LDAP-setup.png (26.8 KiB) Viewed 8213 times

This site has a freeware LDAP browser which allows you to iteratively adjust LDAP connection parameters until you get it right (you don't need the Administrator, just download the Browser):

Hope this helps, let the forum users know!

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