Not running most recent pre-save scripts after several commits

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Not running most recent pre-save scripts after several commits

Postby drouleau » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:18 pm

I've uploaded new versions of my previously running pre-save scripts to make them more generic but I cannot run the latest uploaded versions. Polarion tries to run an interim version.

Here is the sequence of events:
- I committed version X of my scripts

- I discovered a problem (typo) in an #include statement (I was getting an error message on save
"The workitem is not saved because an file to include within a script could not be found: Script file to include 'CertProjectCommon.js' doesn't exist."

- I committed version Y of my scripts which fixed the module name I was trying to include. Specifically "certprojectcommon.js"

That didn't fix the error and I still get the previous error message even though the scripts are now trying to import the correctly-named module. And the module to be included does exist ;)

I checked the repository and the latest versions are indeed present.

What is wrong?

Do I have to clear some cache or poke something to get it to use the latest versions?

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance


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