Where is the HELP page plugin located?

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Where is the HELP page plugin located?

Postby yongpyojang » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:39 am

Hello, guys :D

I have to make custom error page for the Polarion Help page to meet my client's requirement.
So I tried to configure httpd.conf of the bundled apache, but failed.

Do you have any idea where the HELP page plugin located? so that I can do some web app specific configuration using .htaccess file.

I tried to find it a few days, most suspicious plugin is 'C:\Polarion\polarion\plugins\com.polarion.alm.ui_3.18.3\webapp', and 'C:\Polarion\polarion\plugins\com.polarion.xray.doc.user_3.18.3'.
However I can NOT find the web.xml and 'C:\Polarion\polarion\plugins\com.polarion.xray.doc.user_3.18.3' has the help content as zipped format, I can not understand how it is exposed as plain html by what :cry:

Thank you in advance,
Yongpyo Jang

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