write baseline queries results permantly

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write baseline queries results permantly

Postby JFSeyfrid » Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:21 pm


i have many SQL-queries on baselines. The problem is when deleting cache, all have to be done again.
This takes time, very long time.

I would like to write results of baselines queries permanetly and them use them for reports.
So after cache deleting queries have not to be performed again.
Only when adding new baslines as reference the missing values would be computed.

How can i put queries results in permanent fields or variables ?


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Re: write baseline queries results permantly

Postby Jürgen » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:30 am

Hi, JF

my first question would be: How often do you delete the Polarion cache that this is a problem and why?

But from the beginning: You have some SQL queries which are using baselines for data analysis. As you are using baselines, the results should always be the same. Why do you need to re-execute them?
If you do this for example with wiki pages, then it would be trivial to export them into e.g. a PDF file.

But then, if you need to re-execute them, it should be possible to dynamically create work items that contain the result in some form, e.g. XML.

And what technology do you use for these reports? Wiki pages?


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