Remove OSLC links

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Remove OSLC links

Postby tarekasis » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:27 am

Hello everyone, i am working on a Polarion Adapter in order to be able to communcate Polarion with other tools. My connector is based on OSLC standard, but how you know Polarion is not fully OSLC standard compliant, so i need to use its Java API.

My problem using this API is that i can't remove a OSLC link. I had no problem creating them through the TrackerWebService, but there is not any method to do the opposite. Looking the doc pages i found an interface with removeLinkedOslcResource method but no class that implemets this interface.

Currently i don't know what to do, so any kind of help would be appreciate. Tanks in advance.

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