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Inserted table (copy from Excel) different in info page and life report

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:02 am
by mbidner
Hello all,

it's not a big thing, but I have inserted (STRG+C/+V) a table from Excel into a Polarion info page and also in a live report page. Both inserted tables were transfered into Polarion format and content is the same.
The only thing I wonder a little: the complete table has the same width but the column width is different.
And based on this "finding" it is interesting for me to know, why this happens.
So my question: is there a general difference in the "handling" of tables in info pages and live reports? Or is it only a small difference in representing the table (maybe depending on size of browser window when inserting or similar influence) but not a general difference in the behaviour of Polarion?