Extend Polarion web service by custom web service(DLL)

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Extend Polarion web service by custom web service(DLL)

Postby arpacien1 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:38 am


we have the following problem. We have our own web service currently running on a local host. Our web service was written in C# so we have a DLL-file.

We want to extend the Polarion web service with our own web service, so that we can send requests to the Polarion server and get access to our DLL. Now we are not sure, where to put our DLL-file on the server and if it would actually work. And also is there a way to do this, because we saw, that even the web services of Polarion are on the server as JAR-files.

We also could'nt find any examples regarding a DLL-file in the SDK, so every help will be welcome.

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