Default value for "multi" enum

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Default value for "multi" enum

Postby gkisida » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:16 am


I am using Polarion UI with a web browser. I configured a work item in my Polarion project to have a custom field of type "Enum". I also configured this field be "Multi". This way I can set multiple elements of the enumeration to this custom field. I can also set a default value to the custom field if the value is a single element of the enumeration. This is OK.

However I cannot configure a default value for the custom field if it is more than one element of the enumeration.

For example consider my enumeration consists of the following elements: item_apple, item_pear, item_grape.
If the default should be "apple" then I set the config value to item_apple. This works!
If the default should be "apple+pear" then I tried different config values but neither of them worked: item_apple,item_pear or item_apple;item_pear or item_apple item_pear. I aso used brackets around the list but it did not help.

How can I configure the default value to have more than one enum elements?

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Re: Default value for "multi" enum

Postby scharph » Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:13 am

I dont think thats possible

But you can create a default template workitem, with preconfiguread multiselected fields!

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