block default Repository Access

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block default Repository Access

Postby fw_TKI » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:40 am

Hello Polarion community,

is there any possibility to completely block all Access to the Default Polarion repo?
Users should only be able to edit Work Items etc. through Polarion, and should not be able to connect to the Default repo with any Kind of repo Browser.

I've found this article online, which basically describes what I want but does not work on our System.
https://community.plm.automation.siemen ... a-p/380968
Also, using "Order Deny Allow" is said to be removed from Apache in future updates, so is there maybe any other Option?

Thanks for any Input.


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Re: block default Repository Access

Postby Jürgen » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:01 pm

Hi, Fabio

we although thought about that and decided against it, because it has some impacts and tends to be complicated.

For example: If you block access for everybody from outside the server, even the admin cannot use a SVN repo browser without logging into the server. But maybe I want to give some people access who are no Polarion admins and therefore have no server rights?

Under is a description how to do it right on Apache 2.4, with new commands. This should be future save.


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