Microsoft Excel - direct import from Polarion

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Microsoft Excel - direct import from Polarion

Postby MKOL » Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:28 am

How can we import filtered data (e.g. list of requirements for SW) from Polarion to Microsoft Excel ? For example: I press custom button in Excel (VBA) and column "A" is fulfilled with requirements (ID's or text) that are assigned e.g. to SW.

What options we have to get filtered data direct in Microsoft Excel/Word out of Polarion? How to connect MS Office with Polarion. Filtering data in Polarion and Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V in MS Office is not good option for our needs. We are looking for “direct” solution like push the button in Microsoft Excel/Word to get filtered data. This would be outstanding feature for making metrics and glory for person/people who find a way to do this :)


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