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Plugin-Development: loading JS oder CSS-Files

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:10 pm
by DreiBaer

in my plugin development I have some Java-Code generating H>TML-Code for a widget of a Live-Report. I just want to load the JS-File oder CSS-File which are in any folder in parallel to my Java-Files:

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   private static final String STYLE_CSS = "style.css";


        * include Stylesheets
        * ---------------------------------------- */
      HtmlTagBuilder link = builder.tag().byName("link");
      link.attributes().byName("rel", "stylesheet");
      link.attributes().byName("type", "text/css");
      link.attributes().byName("href", myContext.resourceUrl(STYLE_CSS));

But when I load the HTLM in browser the js and css could not be found.
1. How can check where Polarion is going to search for these files?
2. Or: What do I have to do, to get these files loaded or at least distributetd to the server?

Best Regards