Action | ScriptFunction: Export LiveDoc to Word

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Action | ScriptFunction: Export LiveDoc to Word

Postby SteffPoint » Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:05 am

I am searching for a way to export a LiveDoc Document to Word (like the word round-trip does). I would like to have this as a workflow action, so that I can pick it in the action field of the LiveDoc Document.

What I found out so far is, that one can add functions to those actions based on .js or groovy.

What I don't know is, how Polarion can transfer a LiveDoc Document to a Word document (like the word round-trip does) using this "ScriptFunction" in the "actions". So I need a js- or groovy-based script which can create a word-document out of a LiveDoc Document.

I am grateful for any kind of help or API reference.

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