Set enum value of custom field at work item creation

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Set enum value of custom field at work item creation

Postby baxter » Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:39 pm

Hello everyone,

I know that this is a very common topic, seems like I am not the only one with problems to create a work item and set the enum value of its custom fields. But I had a look at all topics dealing with enums here in the forum but still have no clue what I am doing wrong.

I am using Python to access the Polarion web service, the connection itself is working and I can query and create work items.

Here is the relevant part where I create my work item:

Code: Select all

        wi = self.polarion.tracker.factory.create('tns3:WorkItem')
        wi.project = self.polarion_prj = 'LLI_data'
        wi.title = title

        custom_path = self.polarion.tracker.factory.create('tns3:CustomField')
        custom_path.key = 'cf_path_prefix'
        custom_path.value = prefix

        custom_ddm = self.polarion.tracker.factory.create('tns3:CustomField')
        custom_ddm.key = 'cf_sddm'
        enumOpt_sddm = self.polarion.tracker.factory.create('tns3:EnumOptionId') = 'sddm1'
        custom_ddm.value = enumOpt_sddm

            wi_uri = self.polarion.tracker.service.createWorkItem(wi)

The work item is created in Polarion without causing an exception, the custom field cf_path_prefix is filled as intended but the cf_sddm field stays "not selected".
When I query the work item in my script and print it there is no information at all about the cf_sddm in it.

I also experimented with tns3:Custom instead of tns3:CustomField for both custom fields with the same result. The path is filled, the sddm value is unset. So I hope some else can help me out here.

Best regards,

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