Aggregated number of revisions using SQL

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Aggregated number of revisions using SQL

Postby Lars08 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:15 am

Dear all,
Iam quite new to Polarion. Because of some reasons iam interested into the history of requierments. I know, that each time a change is being initiated on a requierement, another revision number is saved within that certain requirement.
Now, I want to create a report (wiki page) which does represent the aggregated number of changes per requirement by using an sql query {workitems sqlQuery= ….}
My first approach was to figure out, which field belongs to the record of revision numbers. I was finding several fields in the DB Schema which could be useful for that, but no success so far.

It would be very useful to know in which way the data sets are stored within the tables. Is there any way to display the raw content of the tables without a tool like pgadmin?
Kind Regards

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Re: Aggregated number of revisions using SQL

Postby Jürgen » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:43 pm

If you mention you are new to Polarion, then I need to ask the following question: Do you know the history button of a work item? I mean the clock symbol in the work item menu bar. Your text sounds as if you want to reproduce that. Is that correct?

Unfortunately you are mistaken. The revision number is not saved in the work item. The revision comes from the Subversion history. Although the class IWorkItem has a method like "getlastRevision" this is not saved in the work item.

But there was already a thread here where historical data was searched with SQL. Maybe you could use that to your advantage.

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