Administrative problems configuring the widget "Work-items-board"

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Administrative problems configuring the widget "Work-items-board"

Postby sk-tsb » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:27 pm

Hello all,
i have some problems configuring the "Work-Item-Board" within Planning releases/sprints/iterations.

1. I configure under Plans/Plan template (admin mode) the sprint/iteration plan to be able to plan requirements, tasks, bugs and test cases ( Allowed types )
2. when i switch for configuring the "agile"widget "Work-Item-Board" under "customize plan report" and click to see all the states under "Statuses" i only can see all of the requirement statuses (which is correct) and a few "strange" unused statuses and only very few (much to less ) statuses of the Workitems tasks, bugs and test cases. :shock: :?

-> I expect that i can see all configured statuses of all previously set allowed types of the plan. To get an good overview of this type of Kanbanboard(Work-Item-Board) i have to set the different statuses of the workitems to the same column..but cannot do this...the result is that often workitems just disappear if they ar in a not visible status ( not visible in the Work-Item-Board)

a. What do i have to do different to see all the statuses of all allowed work items types :?:
b. How can i get rid of the not used/needed statuses :?:

-> if this description is to poor to understand my problem please tell me...i will try harder 8)

Thanks for your help in advance......


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