Calculate priority

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Calculate priority

Postby kat » Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:31 am


I would like to calculate the priority within a work item depending on 2 other fields (impact and urgency).
As far as I understood, the priority is dependant on float values, which is why impact and urgency are of the type float.

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The priority is not calculated although stated as in the screenshot. What am I doing wrong? I have already tried different combinations of the "Field From" as I do not really understand how it works when I want to calculate fields within one work item. I am thankful for any hints.


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Re: Calculate priority

Postby Jürgen » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:31 pm

I have not done this before, I have only read the help for this topic, and it is in fact a little bit confusing due to the weak definition of parent and child relationship.

If I understand it correctly, then for two items linked, you can sum up different fields in the parent item by combining the parent fields and the child fields. You cannot sum up things in the child item.

If you have no hierarchy of items, then you only have a parent, which means that all of your calculations are done for fields in the parent. So you probably should fill the 'Field From' always with "parent".

What also might confuse: The calculation is probably done on saving, so you won't see a result without saving your entries in the two source fields.

So far the theory. What also confuses me is that in the configuration dialog a sentence states: "Aggregation of the values is always done according to a parent-child hierarchy of linked Work Items", which sounds as if there MUST be a hierarchy. You could probably test this by linking something to your work item. You only need to use a link role that has the parent flag set in the link role configuration.

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Re: Calculate priority

Postby kat » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:25 am

Thanks for the hints!
The "Field from" field is extremely confusing but your explanation made more sense to me.
Anyway I think that the priority is some kind of special field which is not a pure float value and therefore cannot be calculated from other fields. I tried the exact same calculations from the same two fields urgency and impact with a custom float field that I created for testing. This could be derived, but the priority is still empty.
So I guess that I have to decide between having a priority that must be set manually but has text shown and a priority that can be calculated but is only in float form.

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