Testparameter in new Test Execution View (Version 18)

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Testparameter in new Test Execution View (Version 18)

Postby mhoe » Tue May 22, 2018 12:58 pm


Polarion introduced a new Test Execution View in Version 18.
When i insert a testcase with testparameters into a testrun, i first have to define a value for that testparameter before i can execute the testcase. In the old execution view/ table view this can be done in the TestRunPlanning sidebar. But in the new Test Execution View i cannot open this sidebar, there is no button or dropdown to show the sidebar.

As a workaround i have to go to the table view to display the TestRunPlanning sidebar, specify the needed values for the testparameter and then go back to the new Execution view. After that the execute-button is enabled an i can start the testcase.

I bed there is an easier way to specify the testparameter values?

Thanks in advance

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